Friday, September 5, 2008

Where It All Ended ? The Tectonic Immensity That is Heavy Lord !!

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Given this weeks focus on proto-metal I thought we would have a look at where it all ended up and no better place to start with the stoner-sludge of 'Heavy Lord'

They formed in 2002 and released their first album in 2005, entitled "The Holy Grail"

The band describe themselves aptly as follows:

"NO keyboards, NO female singers and NO violins and other bullshit! This is ultra heavy DOOM from the underground. A fucking tribute to bands like Cathedral, Sleep, Electric Wizard and EyeHateGod..." .

Their third album, released last year, 'Chained to the World' had great reviews...ahem....

"There’s a tectonic immensity to their riffs and structures on Chained to the World that is best experienced in a more extended context – a sense of vastness that brings their doomy sludge music a step closer to the post-metal realms of Neurosis. Chained to the World purveys groovy, chugging and ominous riffs that wouldn’t be out of place in a New Orleans stoner context. The band takes us deeper into that swamp with dragged-out riffs and tortured vocals, as well as jams (and a B-movie horror aura) that recall Electric Wizard in their single-minded intensity – another recurring reference point on this album. There are also traces of NWOBHM energy and melody mixed in with the more traditional Black Sabbath worship. Heavy Lord is a band that’s able to add a truly immense aspect to their sound without wandering beyond the tools and techniques of their chosen style, and to bring the noise when it’s required as well."

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