Friday, September 5, 2008

Move Over Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath !! Rock Revival's Top Best Twenty Proto-Metal Tracks of All Time

Well, here it is, after lots of research, credit card payments, visits to LastFm, borrowing albums, etc, I have come up with my list of the top 20 early metal tracks of all time (well, in my opinion)

1. Freelance Fiend: Leaf Hound

Freelance Fiend - Leaf Hound

2. Gypsy: Uriah Heep

3. Summertime Blues: Blue Cheer

4. Mr Limousine Driver: Grand Funk

5. Possession: Iron Maiden

6. I Can See Inside Your Head: Orang-Utan

I Can see Inside Your Head - Orang-Utan

7. Broken Wings: Atomic Roster

8. Aeroplane Headed Woman: Pete Brown and Piblokto

9. Long Gone Geek: Procul Harum

Long Gone Geek - Procol Harum

10. Peace Lovin Man: Blossom Toes

11. Drifting in Space: Captain Beyond

12. Slush Pan Man: Night Sun

Slush Pan Man - Night Sun

13. Southbound Train: Keskie West

14. Satori 1: Flower Travelin Band

Satori Pt. 1 - Flower Travellin Band

15. Before You Descend: Flied Egg

16. Tom Cat: Muddy Waters

17. Gambler Gambler: Elf

18. Black Sheep of the Family: Quatermass

19. Master Heartache: Lord Baltimore

20. Stone Believer: Iron Butterfly

Got your own ? Let me know !

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