Friday, September 5, 2008

Japanese Proto-Metal ? Get a Load of Flied Egg !

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Japan ? Home of classic early 70's proto-metal ? Hellyeah ! There is Fromage, Foodbrain, Chronicle, Flower Travellin Band and the best named group in the universe, Flied Egg

Flied Egg were a trio of Shigeru Narumo (guitar, keyboards), Hiro Tsunoda (drums, vocals) and Masayoshi Takanaka (bass). They played a hogwash of progressive hard rock with pop-like flourishes all featuring English vocals.

They had 2 albums, Dr Diegels Fried Egg Shooting Machine ('72) and Good Bye (1973)

The second one is the highlight, clearly a precursor of stoner rock if ever i have heard one

Buy here

Before You Descend - Flied Egg

Here's a great Youtube video to prove there were heaps of great early 70's proto-sludge bands

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