Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Want Classic Forgotten Heavy Rock a la Leaf Hound: Try Orang-Utan (1971)

This really is a lost classic, featuring some brilliant heavy twin guitar work, particularly in the lead track "I Can See Inside Your Head', very similar to Leaf Hound or even Led Zeppelin.

Orang-Utan were a British band who only released their album in the US and germany, for some reason. They faded into obscurity, never to release anything again.

Love to write more, but, hey, there is nothing more anywhere to be seen. Please let me know if you can fill me in..

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The RIpple Effect said...

Darn you, Paul. You're going to make this an expensive week for me, aren't you!!

Already Bullfrog and Orang-utan. Damn. (already have the Dust and fully agree. Don't forget their first album also. Could possibly be better.)