Monday, September 15, 2008

Doug Parkinson's In Focus: Second After Billy Thorpe For Most Poweful Voice in Aussie Rock !

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Well, if Billy Thorpe is the King of aussie rock one Doug parkinson has to be next in line, an aussie rock singer who first started belting out his massive voice around 30 km's from where i am writing this, at the Canopus Room at a pub in Manly, a seaside suburb of Sydney

He rose to fame with the band Doug Parkinson In Focus, made up of some of Sydney's top musicians, Billy Green (guitar,) Mark Kennedy (drums) and Duncan McGuire (bass)

He charted with tracks such as "Dear Prudence" and "Without You" / "Hair", the latter written by guitarist Billy Green, a prodigious songwriter

In 1969 Doug Parkinson In Focus won Australia' prestigious band competition, Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds. Following the demise of that band he joined Vince Melouney's post-Bee Gees supergroup Fanny Adams, which recorded one album and broke up.

He has continued plying his soulful powerful voice around the country as a solo artist to this day

Here he is now, his age is showing (who'se isnt) but his voice still kicks arse

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