Monday, September 15, 2008

Aboriginal Rock !

No Aussie Rock week would be complete without mentioning the owners of our land, the people who the country was taken from in the first place, the Aboriginal people.

They have produced some great rock music, mixing rock with Indigenous Australian instruments such as the Didgeridoo and clapsticks.

Bands include Yothu Yindi, Us Mob and No Fixed Address.

Yothu Yindi has probably gained the profile, with vocalist Mandawuy Yunupingu's politicised lyrics, such as 1991's "Treaty."

Another major band is the Warumpi Band, which toured with Midnight Oil. The Warumpi Band focus more on the Aboriginal aspects of the music, rather than the rock sound of Yothu Yindi. In the 2000s, Aboriginal bands such as NoKTuRNL have adopted a rap metal or nu metal sound.

Here is Treaty

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