Monday, September 15, 2008

AC/DC Kicks Miley Cyrus's Butt Down-Under !!!

Undercover News has just reported the obvious: reports that AC/DC is more popular than Miley Cyrus

Last week, aussies bought 1025 more AC/DC albums than Miley even though she actually has the number one CD.

Six AC/DC albums reside in the ARIA Top 50 currently including TNT, Dirty Deeds, Highway To Hell, Who Made Who, The Razors Edge and Stiff Upper Lip.

Also Business Review Weekly's annual list of the Top 50 Australian Entertainers was released this Saturday and AC/DC was among the top artists with an estimated $12.0 Million (AU) in gross earnings last fiscal year.

Thats eighth place on this year's list

BRW also predicts that their new album will make themthe top grossing act for 2009 due to the upcoming release of Black Ice and the band's subsequent world tour.

Back In Black - AC


Jon Talisman said...

Man, if you're gonna plagiarize most everything I wrote, the least you could do is put a link to my site.

Anonymous said...

That Jon Talisman is a real whiner.
Not the first time I've seen him complaining. Guess he has nothing better to do.

paul said...

i can understand, i didnt link to him which wasnt good, laziness got to me; my own policy tho' is anyone can plagirise anything i do, its a compliment and who really cares if others use it, more power to 'em