Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rock Revival's Forgotten Classics (1973) Faust IV

More Krautrock from Rock Revival with the fourth album from Faust, the first for Virgin of all things (and last for 20 years), a more approachable album that kept the avante garde spirit but held back a little on the craziness...and I only mean a little

For many who venture into the strange world of Faust I recommend starting ( and even staying here). Noise-rock maybe cool to think you like but it's really pretty boring in the end

The first track 'Krautrock' is emblematic, proto-industrial, a droning ambient fuzzy mantra, hypnotic, electronic, certainly well ahead of its time.

The remaining tracks are more poppy, like early Zappa maybe, althoug sometimes at risk of being abit aimless

This is an album that will sneak up on tou; not like Yes, after 2 listens, or even early Genesis (after 5) but will take some perseverance (75 maybe)

Having said that side 2 is much more approachable, you can even here abit of Trex if you listen hard enough.........again, only a little

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