Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rock Revival's Forgotten Classics (1968): Amon Duul 2 Phallus Dei

Amon Duul 2's 1968 debut, Phallus Dei (God's Penis ?) is a wierd and rough classic from the product of the late 60's German collective Amon Duul (there was another band called Amon Duul, but they didnt care)

This was everything the late 60's should be, a dedication to experimentation, a wild abandon into psychedelia, breaking the boundaries of 'rock and roll', in their case the boundaries set by Robert Johnson and Elvis Presley, sitar, psych-folk, jazzy elements, Bowie-esque vocals and fuzz.

Hats off to Warren W Nelson from Amazon's comments, man, he certainly 'gets' it:

'Man, this band is great! With psychedelic urgency, this band literally exploded into formation like the cosmic forces that accumulate at the nebulous origins of the universe! After this album, psychedelia was no longer the paisley afterglow of changing colors and mystical enchantment; no indeed! it had become the firebrand windowpane of the transformed psych in which the listener's ears were restructured and dissolved in the thread of being. This is the conception of everything; before Can, Faust, Ash Ra Tempel, Gong, or Hawkwind, spacerock is more than just the designation of a genre, it had become time to decide if you were either on or off the bus!!

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