Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rock Revival's Forgotten Classics (1969): Blossom Toes "If Only For a Moment"

If Only for a Moment

Blossom Toes are an English psychedelicband who lasted from '67 to '69.

'If Only For a Moment' was their second and last album. Their first 'We Are Ever So Clean' was a happy psychedelic album; this one was more of a downer (in a good way), sans orchestra with a few Captain Beefheart moments thrown in.

The first track "Peace Lovin Man' is pretty special, like Black Sabbath lead by Donovan, ominious in places with folk interludes. Just how I like it !

Guitarist Jim Cregan would go on to join Family and Cockney Rebel and Blossom Toes would be no more......

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