Friday, July 18, 2008

Rock Revival's Mix Tape #10: Melodic Heaven
Rationale: the perfect pallet-cleanser ? cliche-rock hits the spot everytime ? the ideal sing-a-long commute ?

Choice Lyrics:

'Born to live day by day
Is that a curse or a bless
I don't know for sure
But one thing stands
Can't change the way I am'

1. Heard it on My Radio Brother Firetribe
2. Metal Will Stand Tall The Poodles
3. In My Dreams Dokken
4. High on You Survivor
5. Gettin Better Tesla
6. Anytime Michael Shenker Group
7. Any Way You Want It Journey
8. She's Only 17 Winger
9. Get it While It's Hot Kix
10. Never Again Asia
11. Something to Say Harem Scarem
12. Partners in Crime Pretty Maids

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