Friday, July 18, 2008

Firewind Release 'The Premonition' in Japan United Kingdom (U.K.) Tour Set For September 2008

Many of you will be quite familiar with Greek power metal band Firewind's new album 'The Premonition'

It's a brilliant album and more varied than many power metal/melodic albums

I feel that the new Firewind album is yet another step up in our career – musically speaking. Once again we aimed for a highly variable effort as I really don't like those albums where you've listened to the first song and it's like you heard them all! This doesn't happen on a Firewind album and certainly not on the new one!

—Gus G,

The album was released in Japan a coulpe of days ago entering their foreign album charts at #28 in its first week!

Gus G. states:

"We’ve always had a special relationship with our Japanese fans and we’ve always appreciated the fact that they embraced FIREWIND since the first album came out.
This marks our highest chart entry in Japan and all I can say is….Domo Arigato!
We will see you soon!

Firewind will embark on a UK Tour this coming September

Go here for tickets

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