Friday, July 18, 2008

Hanoi Rocks to Attend Azkena Rock Festival, Spain September 2008

Finnish rock heroes HANOI ROCKS will attend Azkena Rock Festival, September 4-6, Spain's premier festival

Get this: ORANGE GOBLIN, BLUE CHEER, BLIND MELON, DANKO JONES, THE QUIREBOYS, JOHN CALE, RAY DAVIES will also be present, proving what great taste European;s have in rock

HANOI ROCKS will be joined by new Swedish drummer George Atlagic

"George Atlagic stood out from the five candidates, not only for his talent, but also because of his personality and for being a kindred spirit with the band. Jolle is technically a very skillful drummer and his style is greatly in the vein of the former HANOI ROCKS drummers Gyp Casino and Razzle. He also already looked like he was playing in a successful rock band."

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