Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Brief History of Rock: Rock Revival's Twenty Milestones in the History of Rock

Here's an attempt to list 20 milestones in the history of rock ? What would you add ? Take out ?

1 Elvis at Sun Studios: The first of many whities to make their name playing black music

2 The Beatles in America: fundamentally changed the course of US music, responsible for folk turning into rock ?

3 Dylan goes electric at Newport

4 British blues explodes selling the US back it's own blues in a new form

5 Monterey: San Franciso goes world-wide and Hendrix visits the US for the first time (kind of..)

6 The Stones try to make up for mising Woodstock and end up putting the nail in the coffin of the Summer of Love

7 Led Zeppelin IV: can one album be a historical moment, certainly this one can. .

8 Bowie becomes Ziggy and takes Bolan's Glam to a whole new level

9 God Save the Queen: The Pistols pull off their swindle

10 Van Halen emerge from the sunset: Eddie is the new Hendrix

11 Grunge takes off in Seattle and kills off LA sleaze

12 New Wave kills rock ! Well only for a short while

13 New Wave of British Heavy Metal keeps the flame alive

14 Dream Theatre carry prog through the wasteland years (and many others)

15 British invasion II a la Oasis et al.

16 Uncle Tupelo et al. rescue country

17 Scandinavia becomes the captial of metal

18 the ipod rules the world

19 The album dies by mp3, does listening become more superficial ?

20 Classic rock revival ? Who knows

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