Friday, July 18, 2008

Iron Butterfly Remastered Releases 'Scorching Beauty' and 'Sun and Steel' Due September 1, 2008

Iron Butterfly are seen as one of the earliest heavy metal bands, mainly because of their 1968 hit "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" but also because of the title of their debut album 'Heavy' (translated as 'far out' in the late 60's)

Unfortunately VH1 ranks them as number 19 on their list of top 100 "one-hit" wonders.If you want to blame anyone for this blame their manager, who did alot to destroy their carreer by mismanageing their attendance at Woodstock.

The band had been booked to play but got stuck at an airport. Their manager called the promoters and demanded that the band be flown in by helicopter, whereupon they would "immediately" take the stage. He also demanded they get paid then and there and then be "immediately" flown back. Well, the promotors were slightly busy at the time, realising that Woodstock but be slightly larger than they had anticipated. They fobbed the manager off and Iron Butterfly never made it.

The reality is that there is so much more to Iron Butterfly that ‘In A Gadda Da Vida’. They have actually released 13 albums between the late 60's and 1995 and despite the death of guitarist Eric Brann in 2003 they are planning another release this year

For now satisfy yourself with remastered versions of two of their excellent mid-70's albums, digitally remastered, and slip-cased with extensive new notes.

Due out 1 Sep 2008

Track Listing

Scorching Beauty: 1975 Overture • Hard Miseree • High On A Mountain Top • Am I Down • People Of The World • Searchin’ Circles • Pearly Gates • Lonely Hearts • Before You Go

Sun & Stee
l: Sun And Steel • Lightnin’ • Beyond The Milky Way • Free • Scion • Get It Out • I’m Right, I’m Wrong •Watch The World Going By • Scorching Beauty

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