Monday, July 28, 2008

Rock Revival's Classic Albums (1964): Muddy Waters Folk Singer

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In 1964 folk was king and Muddy Waters knew it. The blues master had started out playing acoustic and returned to it on this album aimed at capturing the folk audience.

He did alot more than that: this album isnt folk at all, but straight up blues, unplugged, delivered clean and crisp, even if you dont buy the remastered version.

Muddy is joined by Willie Dixon on string bass, Clifton James on drums, and the great Buddy Guy on acoustic guitar, a man that was nearly as influential as Muddy in the end (inspiring the stage antics and wildness of Jimi Hendrix)

This album follows the central ethos of both folk and Delta blues: keep it simple and sing from the heart and nothing else matters.....

Highly reccomended

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