Monday, July 28, 2008

Rock Revival's Classic Albums (1968): Muddy Waters, Electric Mud, Favourite of Jimi Hendrix, John Paul Jones and Chuck D.

Now this is a controversial one, the album where Muddy Waters went psychedelic, but even more radically only sang on the album, did'nt play guitar.

It was Marshall Chess' idea, an attempt to experiment and see if Muddy's music could appeal to the summer of love generation (and make money)

Marshall put together "the hottest, most avant garde rock guys in Chicago" including Pete Cosey on lead guitar who later joined Miles Davis for a similar historical venture

The album was recorded in live takes only and has all the hallmarks of psychedelia, raw fuzz guitar, distorted melodies and feedback, trippy studio-effect vocals, etc

There is also a great cover of "Let's Spend The Night Together", a massive compliment to the Stones who obviously idolised Muddy

Seems like Marshall had good instincts: the album sold 150,000 in the first six weeks, Muddy's best for Chess ever, a clear demonstration that he could adapt the blues and stay inventive

The same purists came out and panned the album who panned Dylan at Newport.

Hendrix would listen to this album frequently to get him ready for live performances.

Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones
cites Electric Mud as the catalyst for "Black Dog." .

Even rapper Chuck B says "To me, it's a brilliant record. I've played it a thousand times, It took me a while to warm up to traditional blues, but what struck me right away was the Electric Mud thing."

Highly recommended

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