Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rock Revival's Best 20 Tracks of 2008 (So Far)

Well, it's approximately mid-year and so much has happened in terms of great releases already, from a massive revival of classic rock stars of yesteryear, great modern melodic rock, metal, the blues and Uk indie.

Here are Rock Revival's Top Twenty Tracks

1. Heir Apparent; Opeth
2. River Song; Dennis Wilson (reissue)
3. Keep the Devil Down; North Mississippi Allstars
4. Lay Down Your Love; Whitesnake
5. Heard it on My Radio; Brother Firetribe
6. Love Communion; Glenn Hughes
7. Evil Ways; Black Mountain
8. She's a Handsome Woman; Panic at the Disco
9. Olympic Airways; The Foals
10. Never Again; Asia
11. Bad Actress; Def Leppard
12. Chasing Pavements; Adele
13. What is Hip; Marcus Miller
14. Dirty City; Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton
15. Head Up High; Firewind
16. War Child; Uriah Heep
17. Still Here; Girl Talk
18. Enough; Disturbed
19. Lover of the Bayou; Mudcrutch
20. Saints of Los Angeles; Motley Crue

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