Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who Loves Oregon ? East-West Jazz At It's best

Every now and then on Rock Revival, we venture out of rock into the very large and strange world of jazz and the even more alien world of world music.

Today it's time for both as we take a look at Oregon, a truly unique band that blends jazz, indian music, folk, western classical and the avante-garde into something that rises well above world-fusion bands

Oregon formed in 1970, with core members Ralph Towner (guitar, piano, synthesizer, trumpet), Paul McCandless (woodwind instruments), and Glen Moore (double bass, violin, piano).The percussionist, Colin Walcott, master of the tabla but also of the sitar, died in 1984 and was replaced by Trilok Gurtu, a man who most east-west fusion fans will be well aware of.
The group enjoys an cult (Apollo astronauts took one of their albums to the moon)

I have to confess I have only heard four of their 16 albums; their later ones are said to steer into more mainstream jazz territory; of the 4 I have heard Out of the Woods (1978) is pretty incredible; check it out !

PS: If you like this kind of music let me know, I am about to do a 101 post on the label ECM.

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