Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rock Revival's Top Best Twenty Beatles Covers Ever !

It' hard to believe how many tracks there are to chose from, there are an incredible 200,000 recorded on the Compleat Beatles website,

1. Hey Jude: Wilson Pickett (avec Duane Allman)

2. Little Help From My Friends: Joe Cocker (Woodstock version)

3. Here Comes the Sun: Richie Valens (one of many by Richie)

4. We Can Work it Out: Stevie Wonder

5. Drive My car: Jimi Hendrix (are the beatles on it with him ?)

6. Day Tripper: Otis Redding

7. She's a Woman: Jeff Beck

8. Let it be: Ray Charles

9. Got to get You Into My Life: Earth Wind and Fire (I dare you not to like this one !)

10. In My Life: Johnny Cash

11. Dear Prudence: Jerry Garcia (12 minutes of Jerry heaven live)

12. Tommorow Never Knows: Phil Collins (from his only good solo album Face Value)

13. I Want You (She's So heavy) Ten Years After

14. Ticket to Ride: Vanilla Fudge (Beatles on acid)

15. Blackbird: CSN&Y

16. Dear Prudence: Siouxsie and the Banshees

17. Elvis Presely: Hey Jude

18. Blackbird: Jaco Pastorius

19 The Grey Album: Jay-Z and DJ Danger Mouse (the entire White album illegally mashed up with JayZ's Black Album

20. Elenor Rigby: Chick Corea

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rockandrollguru said...

Nice list! The Grateful Dead have always done a fabulous job of covering the Beatles, so thanks for including Uncle Jerry' rendition of Dear Prudence. The last couple years, Bob Weir and Ratdog have been doing a dynamite version of Come Together in concert. He also often opens the second set acousically doing Blackbird.

An of course, the other master of re-interpretation is Joe Cocker, who generally begins his encores with She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.