Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rock Revival's Classic Albums: Duane Allman An Anthology

Duane Allman, dead at 25, voted #2 on the Rolling Stones Top Guitarists second only to Jimi Hendrix achieved so much in his short life. Not only did he help launch the Allman Brothers to dizzing heights but recorded some amazing tracks with the top artists of his generation as a session musician.

On this double album he teams up with Boz Scaggs (Loan Me a Dime), Aretha Franklin (The Weight), Wilson Pickett (Hey Jude), Delaney and Bonnie.....

There's the brilliant B.B. King Medley: Hour Glass: Sweet Little Angel / It’s My Own Fault / How Blue Can You Get plus Mean Old World and Layla with Eric Clapton.

The reach is so varied that this has to go down as the ultimate Desert Island Disc; why would you need to take anything esle, except a change of underpants and maybe a small pen knife.

If that isnt enough there is also a second edition. Born to Be Wild with Wilson Pickett, Matchbox with Ronnie Hawkins, You reap What You Sew with Otis Rush..........what can you say !

Evertime you listen to Freebird remember Duane; it was dedicated to him and his memory lives on with these two classic albums

Images: Mercury, Capricorn


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I've always loved Duane's music and it was great to see this post here today. I will link to it.

rockandrollguru said...

Duane was amazing! Truly one of the all-time greats.