Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rock Revival's Classic Albums: Grand Funk Railroad E Pluribus Funk


It's hard to believe that Grand Funk (Railroad) were once one of the most popular band in the US given that they have now faded to almost total obscurity. In fact, when i recently bought E Pluribus Funk at a very trendy and massive record shop and the young bloke behind the counter (dreads and nosed pierced) asked me "hey who is that ? I have never heard of them?"

The reality is that in 1970 Grand Funk had sold more albums than any other American 1970, one of the most incredible years for rock there has ever been. Also in 1971 they broke the attendance record set by the Beatles at the Shea stadium in NYC......

E Pluribus Funk is their fifth studio album, shaped like a silver coin and definitely the best they ever released.Foget 'Locomotion" or "We're an American Band", that's like comparing Jefferson Airplane with Jefferson Starship.

It starts off with the power packed raunch of Footstompin Music: I Come Tumblin is probably the highlight and People Lets Stop the War is definitely up there in terms of the best hard rock protest songs ever. Get it !

Image: Capitol

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