Friday, June 6, 2008

Elton John Paid $1,392 Per Sec For Russian Billionairress Gig

$5million, thats what Elton John has been offerred by a Russian billionairre to play for her for 1 hour ($1,392 per second) to help launch her hotel.

That is officially the most money any artist has been paid for one gig, a very special record given poor old Elton was past it along time ago (for Yanks "past it" means "on the nose")

A "source" says:

“Initially Elton turned her down because he’s so busy, but when the offer crossed the $3.9 million barrier it was too much to refuse, even for someone of his means. And let’s be honest, $5million buys a hell of a lot of flowers. He’s on the verge of saying yes.”

Elton would be flown by private jet this Autmn, play the gig and fly straight home

His fee would be the record paid for a single artist for a gig.

Image: Courtesy Paramount

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