Sunday, June 15, 2008

Deborah Bonham's "Duchess" Released: Guests Paul Rodgers, Humble Pie's Jerry Shirley, Fairport Convention's Dave Pegg

Deborah Bonham, sister of John, drummer with Led Zepellin has just released a blues-rock album of her own.

She is joined by
former Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley with a guest appearance from none other than Free and Bad Company's Paul Rodgers, Fairport Convention's Dave Pegg, her nephew Jason on drums,

Deborah first saw Led Zep perform at age 6 but never took to the stage herself until after John's death.

This will be her third album; For You And The Moon was released in 1985 and The Old Hyde in 2004 (featured Mick Fleetwood, The Pretenders' Robbie McIntosh, Robbie Blunt and Dougie Boyle of Robert Plant's band, and Jason Bonham)

Track Listing

1. "Grace"
2. "Jack Past 8"
3. "Hole In My Heart"
4. "Hold On"
5. "Love Lies"
6. "Pretty Thing"
7. "Love You So"
8. "How Do You Feel"
9. "Chains"
10. "Duchess And The Shufflemeister"
11. "Waiting So Long"
12. "(If You) Had A Little Love"
13. "Blue"
14. "The Old Hyde Revisited" -

Image: Rhino

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