Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue: Legacy Edition (2 CD) Out Now


Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue (1977) was the first solo album by any Beach Boy

Dennis had always written for the Beach Boys but was overshadowed by his older brother Brian. Gregg Jakobsen, producer recalls how this album was when Dennis fully accepted himself as an artist.

"Brian had shown him chords on the piano, but as he'd become more proficient the music that came forth was not derivative of that. Having his own studio helped tremendously. With a little encouragement, and the right tools, Dennis took off"

It's now 30 years since the album was released and 25 since Dennis's death from an alcohol related a drowning and Pacific Ocean Blue: Legacy Edition (2 CD) is now out.

Disc One of the CD set will be the original 12 track album with several bonus tracks that have never been bootlegged. Disc Two will be twelve unreleased tracks from the never-released follow-up album 'Bambu'.

Uncut magazine has given it 5 stars: "key moments of Pacific Ocean Blue square dramatically up to your loftiest expectations"

Image: Caribou

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