Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two New Allman Brothers Re-Releases "Seven Turns" and "Shades of Two Worlds" Out June 9 2008

Spincd's have just announced two new re-releases of latter-day Allman Brothers albums

1) 'Seven Turns'(1989)

In '89 this was their first album in ten years, produced by Tom Dowd. It was a pretty incredible feat given all the backbiting and angst that had occurred between band members in this period.Warren Haynes proves that he can compete with the sainted Duane Allman

1 Good Clean Fun 05:07

2 Let Me Ride 04:37

3 Low Down Dirty Mean 05:30

4 Shine It On 04:52

5 Loaded Dice 03:29

6 Seven Turns 05:03

7 Gambler's Roll 06:43

8 True Gravity 07:58

9 It Ain't Over Yet 04:54

2) 'Shades of Two Worlds'(1990)

Image:The Allman Brothers Band - Shades of Two Worlds.jpg

Takes the reunited band to the next level, the album where Dickey Betts finally comes out from behind the shadow of Duane as a guitarist. Rolling Stone: “ some of Betts’ best work exists in people’s imaginations as Duane Allman’s music, Betts's masterful soloing on "Nobody Knows" may dispel that perception."

1 End Of The Line 04:38

2 Bad Rain 05:33

3 Nobody Knows 10:58

4 Desert Blues 05:02

5 Get On With Your Life 06:58

6 Midnight Man 04:39

7 Kind Of Bird 08:26

8 Come On In My Kitchen 06:19

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