Sunday, May 18, 2008

Highly Reccomended New Album: Brother Firetribe Heart Full of Fire !

Do you love melodic AOR from the 80's ? Can you admit it ? Can't get enough of Journey, Toto, Foreigner, Survivor, Styx, Boston, Asia, Heart, Bad Company, Night Ranger, Kansas ?

Make sure you get the new album by Finnish group, Brother Firetribe!

Corny lyrics ('We bought ourselves our first guitars, those were the things that made the stars shine in our eyes") ? Yes

Finnish accent ? Not as bad as Sonata Artica

Soaring sing-a-long rock ? Definitely !

The band is joined by Nightwish guitarist Emppu Vuorinen and Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzonamong

Here's part of a review on Spinefarm

Well, for Brother Firetribe the 2nd album is everything but difficult. Already the 1st completed song of “Heart Full of Fire”, called “I Am Rock” ended up as the soundtrack of a nationwide Finnish TV series “Pelkk√§√§ lihaa”. Furthermore, Brother Firetribe’s sporty brand of their self-proclaimed “tennis metal” has frequently been played on television in various sport broadcasts and the sheer euphoria of the band spread through their audiences like wildfire.

The result of two years of hard work is now released for everyone to hear and not only do Brother Firetribe challenge the greats of old. When a bunch of guys play the music they love, and let the joy be heard, also the immortal classic albums of melodic rock’s heydays can be surpassed. Mark my words, “Heart Full of Fire” is an instant melodic rock classic.

With the new album’s slight update the Brother Firetribe sound is unmistakable already, but the musical influences here still run the gamut from Foreigner to Loverboy (there’s even a Mike Reno cover on the album). You can’t but smile with this album, as “Heart Full of Fire” hails back to the days when it seemed there’s nothing wrong with the world. They’re here again, to put a smile back on your face.

To quote one of the first reviews of the album: “Brother Firetribe has become the musical equivalent of cartoon series South Park’s Chef; it’s big, beautiful, brazen and full of sweet luuurve!”

Image: Courtesy Spinefarm

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