Friday, March 28, 2008

Where is Rock Heading: Check Out 'The Shape of Music to Come'

Well while we are unashamed revivalists here at Rock Revival (duh) that doesnt mean that we are'nt interested in what is happenning now;

Are we in a post- post-post-rock phase ?

Is post-post-metal/experimental sludge going to last ?

Is Joanne Newsome the best thing to happen since Sandy Denny ?

Are the Kooks the Small Faces ?

Will Aussies get to hear Mute Math ?

Is Bob Dylan the new Bob Dylan ?

What did Richard Rorty have on his ipod ?

What's the next big thing ?

Check out this excellent post at 'Of Figs and Mint', the guys either a 'houghty nerd' both/and an insightful critic (his own words, see i can quote Derrida too) recently (click on Febuary) posted an extensive piece on where he thinks rock is heading,

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