Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rock Revival's Classic Albums: Five Unrecognised Masterpieces of Rock

1. Come Taste the Band: Deep Purple

Released in 75 after the departure of Richie Blackmore. Tommy Bolin took his place, by far a more sophisticated guitarist, versed in blues-rock, soul, funk and jazz. This is the least adolescent of Deep Purple's albums, the highlights being 'You Keep on Moving' and 'This Time Around'

2. Veedon Fleece Van Morrison

Ok, Astral Weeks is brilliant, but listen to this album from 1974 a few times, let it's subtelty sink in and it sneaks up on you as an equal to Van's debut. Written in less than three weeks, it's pastoral, "the culmination of everything Van was doing up to that point, all celtic mystic tumult in the vocals and pastoral beauty in the music" and ranks it among "his most majestic music" (Rolling Stone biography)

3. E Pluribus Funk Grand Funk Railroad

Released in 1971 in a silver circular sleeve it captured them at their peak, as a 'Footstompin' version of Cream, in hippy mode, before they descended into ' Locomotion' / ' Some KInd of Wonderful'/ 'We're An American Band' populism. 'I Come Tumblin' is one of the best rock-funk songs ever

4. War Child Jethro Tull

Somewhat overshadowed by Aqualung and Minstral in the Gallery, this is also a brilliant concept album (1974) and one where Monty Python were brought in as 'humor consultants' .

Trivia: the front cover is a picture of the Melbourne skyline (that's down under folks)

5. Oneness: Silver Dreams Golden Reality Carlos Santana

Given the pap that Santana comes out with now it's hard to imagine the majesty of the band at Woodstock (a revelation) and the beauty of Caravanserai (1974). Carlos released Oneness in 1979; it's ridiculously spiritual but the music is pretty special; 'Song for Devadip' is better than 'Song of the Wond' and 'Life is a Passing Parade' is one of the best, a funkiest songs he has ever put out.

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rockandrollguru said...

Personally, War Child has always been my favorite Tull album. Great blog!!