Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Steve Miller Band Three Nights at The Fillmore San Francisco and US Tour 2008 March 24-26 2008


Steve Miller's career started in the late 60's as a San Francisco regular playing blues-rock rather than the more commercial sound of 'Fly Like an Eagle', 'The Joker' and'Abracadabra'.

He was certainly a child prodigy, forming his first band at 12 with Boz Scaggs and backing Chuck Berry in his first gig at one of the most famous concert venues of all time, the Fillmore West in San Francisco.

He recieved his first record deal the same year after playing at Monterey and then went to the UK to record his first blues-rock album, Children of the Future.

His second, Sailor went to 24 on the Billboard Charts

In 1971, after many more releases he broke his neck in a car accident and developed hepatitis. It was in recuperation that he recast himself as a writer of catchy melodic songs, blending rock and pop and becoming a household name ("the pompadour of love")

In the 80's his star faded, although he did compile an excellent Box Set covering most of his career in 1994

Steve Miller Band now returns to the place that first made him, The Fillmore, San Francisco, for three nights March 24-26 backed by Robben Ford and the Blue Line.

This historic concert serves to launch a US tour which will finish in August.

Image: Courtesy Capitol

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spudwas said...

Well...actually an OK boxset. It would have been great if he included a live set with him and his original band. E.G. Fillmore east March 1970. I'm still waiting Steve! For some reason he wants nothing Live of his original band released. The one song on the "Monterey PoP" 4 cd set must have really angered him. But brought some joy to the patient fans still waiting for a full "original band" release.