Monday, March 10, 2008

Who Loves Foghat ? 1970's Blues Rock At It's Finest

Many people think of Foghat as a US band given their popularity in that country, but they were actually British, formed on the back of the Blues Explosion after the break up of Savoy Brown.

Their first album Foghat (1972) yielded a big hit, a cover of Willie Dixon's 'I just want to make love to you', their second 'Rock and Rolll' went gold.

While the band gained some US radio airplay there popularity was establishsed promarily by hardcore touring, captured famously on their best selling album ever, Foghat Live (1977).

After 8 albums their popularity began to slip as the 80's approached; they have been on and off again since this time but celebrated the 30 year anniversary of Foghat Live last year with the release of Foghat Live II

If you havent heard of them and love fot stomping blues rock, they are highly reccomended

Here is Rock Revival's Top 5 Foghat numbers

1. Easy Money

2. Wild Cherry

3. I Just Want To Make LOve to You (live)

4. A Hole to Hide IN

5. Terraplane Blues

Image: Courtesy Bearsville

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