Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guitar Virtuoso John McLaughlin's New Album 'Floating Point' Out Soon 2008

John McLaughlin is not perhaps for everyone, but he is renowned as one of the most versatile and accomplished guitarists of the past 40 years.

He made his name as the guitarist joined Miles Davis for his explorations in jazz-rock fusion in the late 60's, a position that was meant for Jimi Hendrix but prevented by his untimely death in 1970. John has covered so many different styles of music, from jazz to indian classical music, fusion and even flamenco.

He is most famous to rock fans for his leading the Mahivishnu Orchestra in the early 70's and his collaboration with Carlos Santana on the 1973 album Love, Devotion, Surrender.

Here's a quote from his website (http://www.johnmclaughlin.com/) about his latest album, the excact date of release still isnt known but it should be out in the first half of 2008.
we finished mixing a new CD called ‘Floating Point’. My sound engineer Marcus Wippersberg has been with me for the past week in the Mediastarz studio in Monaco.

"Today we finished mixing a new CD called ‘Floating Point’. My sound engineer Marcus Wippersberg has been with me for the past week in the Mediastarz studio in Monaco.

I’m really happy with this new recording which took place in India (Madras) last year during our stay there.

I invited a rhythm section consisting of the top musicians in India today who need no lessons on western music: Ranjit Barot on drums, Sivamani on percussion and Louiz Banks on keyboards. The bassist in my current group ‘The 4th Dimension’ Hadrien Feraud, plays bass on all pieces, but was in Australia at the time of the recording and had to record his parts separately.

I also invited some of the new young ‘lions’ of India today, including vocalist Shankar Mahadevan. They are the guest soloists on the pieces, and are outstanding. You’ll hear Slide Guitarist Debashish Battacharya, ‘Electric’ Sitarist Niladri Kumar, Bamboo Flutists Naveen and Shashank and Electric Mandolinist U. Rajesh. American saxophonist George Brooks brought his soprano to ‘Abbaji’ which we had played live together on February 3rd - the anniversary of the passing of the great artist Alla Rakha, and to whom this piece is dedicated.

Now while this CD features predominantely Indian musicians, we are in quite a another form compared to the group Shakti. The music is for the most part ‘Jazz-Fusion’ if a label has to be put on it, but with the musicians involved in this project, it has also a ‘world’ kind of atmosphere.

I really am happy with the outcome of this CD which actually came about quite spontaneously and without any real planning. You can hear in the music where I am in my development, and in which directions I’m moving.

It was a real thrill to play with these players, and I offer my thanks to them for their unique contributions. I truly wish and hope that it brings something to the listeners, and I also offer my deep thanks to them for their continued support to my dedicated work"

As I said Indian fusion music may not be your cup of tea but if it is this promises to be a pretty amazing recording

Image: Courtesy Records

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