Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who Loves Uriah Heep ?

I have noticed from the amazing number of hits on our piece on the new Uriah Heep album that it must still be a much loved band out their amongst rock bands.

For those who don’t know (New Zealand’s Prime Minister aside, who recently stated it was her favourite band) Uriah Heep are an English rock band who formed way back in 1969.

Their music drew on lots of influences, from hard rock to prog and even jazz and country, with a special focus on multi-part harmonies, which was pretty rare at the time.

The New Zealand connection comes from bassist, Gary Thain, who joined the 27 club early on due to his heroin addiction.

Their break through album was Demons and Wizards from 1972 (a Prog metal band has taken the name of this album as a tribute), which sported the single ‘Easy Livin’.
The Magicians Birthday also went top ten Down Under, containing their biggest hit, Sweet Lorainne.

Other great tracks include, July Morning, Look at Yourself, Wizard, Stealin and Gypsy.

They have released an amazing 61 albums since their inception and while maintaining a cult following in Germany, Scandinavia, Japan and Russia (touring regualrly in these countries) they have slipped off the radio in the US and the UK to a large extent since their heyhay.

Look out for their new album, Wake the Sleeper (see post about this album)

Image: Courtesy Mercury/ Bronze

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