Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Classic Rock Samples in Hip-Hop

Maybe it’s sacrilege, maybe it’s a compliment, but classic rock samples have been a mainstay for hip-hop artists for a long time; here ten examples, what do you think ?

1. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin: P Diddy ‘Come with me” (Jimmy Page actually played the song fresh for this rather than it being a strict sample, P Diddy then used two orchestras to fill it out)

2. Light My Fire by the Doors: Necro

3. Hotel California by the Eagles: Jedi Mind Tricks

4. 20th C Schizoid Man by King Crimson: Aesop Rock (probably sample more classic rock than any other hi-hop artists)

5. Play with Fire by The Rolling Stones” Mac Lethal ‘Bottles (he has also sampled Slayer)

6. Only You by KISS: Juelz Santana

7. Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple: Boogie Down Productions ‘Ya Slippin’”

8. Under Pressure by the Police: Vanilla Ice, ‘Ice, Ice Baby’

9. We Will Rock You by Queen: Eminem “Til I Collapse’(he’s also sampled Crazy You by Heart)

10. Iron Man by Black Sabbath: Busta Rhymes
Image: Courtesy Definitive JUX

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FZ said...

Under Pressure?

The Police?


Queen & David Bowie...