Thursday, February 28, 2008

Henry Rollins Spoken Word Show April 23 Sydney

Henry Rollins certainly is a rennaisance man, ex-member of hardcore punk band Black Flag, heading up the Rollins Band for more than 20 years and equally famous for his spoken word tours (and 23 spoken word albums), and a US TV show. He has also promoted gay rights in America, entertained US troops, been a DJ for LA radio, appeared in 3 movies, ect
On the one hand he writes a poem like this (One From None, 1991)

Wild insane hot animal hot sweat propelled
War and sex for fun hanging in
Hanging on and swinging from it
Bullets blowing brains all over town summer
I promise you
I will be there

On the other hand he drops Henry Miller, Charles Mingus, Springsteen and Bukowski in the same interview

Well you can catch him, in spoken word mode on April 23 at the Seymour Centre (ticketek)

Tickets went on sale this week

Image: Courtesy Imago

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