Friday, February 29, 2008

Tarja Turunen 'My Winter Storm" Proves There is More to Finnish Metal Than Lordi

Finland is not perhaps the most well-known source of rock bands through the ages but it’s certainly making up for lost time with it’s love of all things metal.

From the power metal of Sonata Artica and Stratovarius, to the death metal of Children of Bodom and the Goth of Nightwish, Finland is making it’s name as a Metal Nation.

Tarja Turunen (TAR-yah...TOO-roo-nen) trained in Opera at the Sibelius Academy but quickly turned her hand to metal as the founding member of the seminal goth band, Nightwish in 1996.

She received an open letter from the band in 2007 asking her to leave due to “a changed attitude’ and financial problems.

The band may also have been responding to her increasing popularity, winning best dressed awards, serving as a judge on Idol, not a great look for the supposed Ice Queen of Gothic Metal.

Her solo album was released in November, 2007 (Winter Storm) going strainght to number one in Finland. It’s haunting ethereal music, less metal and more classical than Nightwish and less commercial than Evanescence.
The best female vocals since Kate Bush.

The single ‘Die Alive’ is due out on March, 7, 2008.

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