Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Paul McCarteny Says No to Duet with Ozzy Osbourne

This years Brit Awards, being held today, should be pretty interesting.

Ozzy Osbourne is presenting !

Ozzy is pretty nervous, admitting that his memory is not all it used to be due to his many years of serious drug use. He’ll rely on his wife Sharon to help him, not the first time given it was she who rescued him from his reclusive drug binge after he was asked to leave Black Sabbath and who managed his solo career after that.

Ozzy has said, "Maybe I should start smoking dope again. I can never remember anyone's name; I'm always putting my foot in it. Sharon can meet someone in an airport in 1973, then again in 2005 and remember they're called Jimmy. Paul McCartney's really good at that, too."

Ozzy had been hoping to fulfil a life-long dream of singing with Paul McCarteny, but he has been snubbed by the man who must be still reeling from losing nearly 200 million in his recent court battle with his ex-wife.
Image: Courtesy Epic

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