Saturday, February 16, 2008

How many covers of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin do you know ?

1. Moby: Trance version for people who know no better

2. Dolly Parton: I was VERY surprised by this, its great and brings something new to the song, a country vibe and great vocals

3. Hayseed Dixie: Instrumental hillbilly version

4. Rogrigo Y Gabriela: Recent latin guitar version

5. Pat Boone: yes, Pat Boone, off his album, In a Metal Mood, I kid you not

6. Ann Wilson (Heart): a bit boring comapred to her Immigtant Song

7-29. The Money or the Gun, Aussie TV show with 22 versions (there is a CD) by 01. Kate Ceberano And The Ministry Of Fun; 02. John Paul Young; 03. Pardon Me Boys; 04. Nick Barker & The Reptiles; 05. Rolf Harris; 06. The Australian Doors Show; 07. Sandra Hahn & Michael Turkic; 08. Helen Jones; 09. Robyne Dunn; 10. Neil Pepper; 11. The Rock Lobsters; 12. Toys Went Berserk; 13. Jodie Gillies; 14. The Beatnix; 15. Fargone Beauties; 16. Etcetera Theatre Company; 17. Judi Connelli; 18. Barry Crocker & The Doug Anthony Allstars; 19. Vegimite Reggae; 20. The Whippersnappers; 21. Sydney Philharmonia; 22. Leonard Teale

30. Richard Cheese: Swing version

31. Neil Sedaka: same name different song

32. Frank Zappa: Complete with wierd noises a la Frank

33. London Symphony Orchestra

Do you know more ?

Image: Courtesy Triplej Music

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rock_of_ages said...

I don't see the obvious one on your list... "Far Corporation" actually had a big hit with Stairway in the UK in the early 80s I think.