Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whitesnake New Release Good to be Bad Due April 18 2008

Whitesnake as most rock fans will know, was formed in ’77 by David Coverdale, one-time vocalist of Deep Purple and a man Robert Plant has referred to as “David Coverversion’ due to how similar he sounds to the Led Zep frontman.

The band has been a revolving door for rock musicians since this time. Members have included Steve Vai, Cozy Powell (Jeff beck Group, Rainbow), Neil Murray (also of Black Sabbath), Jon Lord and Ian Paice (of Deep Purple of course) and many more.

Initially they stayed close to Deep Purple’s sound but strayed into glam metal in the 80’s along with so many others (Geffen of Geffen records said ‘they lost their British bollocks”)

Their new album, Good to be Bad is due for release on April 18, their first in ten years.

David Coverdale reports:

"The new album contains all the elements I enjoy about Whitesnake, and more. I can hear moments that take me back to the bluesy, early years of the band all the way through the band's musical history to fully embrace the more electric aspects of where we are now, as a band. I'm thrilled with it and can hardly wait to unleash it on an unsuspecting public! If this is indeed the last Whitesnake studio record then I'm happy to finish like this. It was a labour of love making this record...a joy... and I'm still enjoying listening to it. Can't be bad!"

He also describes the album as "Very butch. Very muscular..." so maybe they have rediscovered their bollocks after all……
Image: Courtesy Geffen

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