Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Martin Scorsese Making Documentary on Life of Bob Marley

Martin Scorsese’s movie on Bob Dylan, No Direction Home was obviously a smash hit, winning a Grammy in 2006 for Best Long Form Music Video.

The project was ten years in the making, with interviews with Dylan’s friends and associates commencing in 1995, including Allan Ginsgerg, folkie Dave Van Ronk, and Dylan’s long-time girlfriend Suze Rotolo.

Scorcese has been working on a documentary of another massive figure in music, the late-great King of Reggae, Bob Marley.

Scorsese’s Rolling Stones documentary, Shine a Light is also due for release this week, with the DVD in stores in March.

This movie chronicles their career with particular attnetion paid to their Bigger Bang Tour 2006.
The Bob Marley doco apparently has the ok from Ziggy. He will co-produce.

The film will be released on Febuary 6, 2010

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