Sunday, January 13, 2008

Way Back When: Ten Songs That Started Rock

If you want to hear some of the excellent music that is the origins of rock you could do woorse than the ten brilliant songs below.

1. Bring a LIttle Water Sylvie Lonnie Donegan

Master of Skiffle, the music that was to England what rock and roll was to America and the first music played by the band who would become the Beatles

2. House of the Rising Son Leadbelly

Yes, one of many songs you thought were written by 60's bands; Black Betty (Ram Jam) is also written by Leadbelly by the way)

3. Have You Ever Loved a Woman Freddie King

Famous on E.C was here played here much earlier by one of Eric's God's, Freddie King

4. Hound Dog Bug Mama Thornton

Yes, not by Elvis

5. Motherless Children Robert Johnson

Author of course, of Crossroads, Ramblin on My MInd, The Sky is Cryin (not SRV)

6. Shake You Hips Slim Harpo

Author of I'm a KIng Bee and v influential on the Rolling Stones and many others

7. Saturday Night Fish Fry Louis Jordan and His Tympany 5

Before Swing and Rock 'n' Roll were two different things

8. Talking Dust Blues Woody Guthrie

Say no more, no Woody no Dylan

9. Cathy's Clown The Everly Brothers

We all think the Beatles were original, they were but took from these guys, Elvis, Soul, Skiffle and more

10. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Big Joe Turner

Rock 'n' Roll before it exsisted

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