Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lost History: What Was The First Rock Song Ever Made ?

There are many candidates depending on the criterea you use.

1. The first song to use the words rock and roll goes as far back as 1916, LIttle Wonder's "The Camp Meeting Jubilee' We've been rockin' an' rolling in your arms / Rockin' and rolling in your arms / In the arms of Moses." But this is obviously religious in it's meaning

2. Tiger Rag by the Washboard Rhythmn Kings (1932) was skiffle with a rock and roll attitude, famous for the singers wild screeching and stage antics

3. Skippy Whippy by the Mississippi Juke Band (1936) sounded very similar to rock and roll but was still acoustic of course so didnt quite make it

4. Rockin Rollin Mama (1940) by Buddy James brings the term rock and roll together with the boogie woogie it comes from

5. Guitar Boogie (1945) by Arthur Smith is the first boogie woogie played on electric guitar

6. Rocket 88 (1951) Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats, is thought by many to be the first official rock and roll record, a first of thousands for Sun Records and later covered by Bill Haley

Lets not forget our history..........
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