Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rave Reviews For Ringo Starr's Liverpool 8

Ringo Starr's career has been marred perhaps by his reputation as the 'fun Beatle' , his voice overs for Thomas the Tank Engine and his 80's releases but he is currently recieving rave reviews for his new album, Liverpool 8. Both Rolling Stone and Uncut are full of praise for this jolly but reflective album and place it firmly along side his best album ever, Beaucoups de Blues, from the early 70's. Like McCarteny's Memory Almost Full (which certainly does not compare with the heights of Wings in the 70's), it has it overtly backward looking moments, as pehaps is appropriate given Ringo is 67 years old ('Gone are the Days'). Reading the reviews it is hard to decide if they are a product of the natural affection that exsists for Ringo. He is after all the least complicated and most stable of the Beatles, the one that our kids love the most....... Have fun with this one !

Image: Courtesy: EMI Parlophone Capitol

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