Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is Rock Dead ? Z02 Prove It's Not With Second Album Ain't It Beautiful

It’s always exciting to hear a new band that can hold it’s head high along side the hard rock of 1970’s, one such band that I have only heard recently is Z02 from Brooklyn. The vocalist and bassist, David Z, was previously with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the popular Symphonic metal band famous, among other things, for it’s christmas songs. This band, however, is pure rock and roll, a modernised version of Led Zep or Aerosmith (before they went soft), a softer version of Black Label Society.

They have released two albums so far, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Ain’t It Beautiful, and have opened for Kiss (woohoo!) and Poison (booho!).

Here are some reviews from the press:

“If you think for a second that hard-hitting, cutting-edge rock and roll is dead, then you haven’t heard ZO2! Ain’t It Beautiful is just what the doctor ordered, delivering track after track of masterfully crafted rock perfection…” Christopher Gotzen-Berg – “Inside Connection”

“Rock ’n’ roll the way it used to be: ballsy, soulful and ass-shakingly good” Hustler Magazine

“The Brooklyn based rock band really knows a thing or two about how to put on a rock performance… ZO2 made the entire [ABC] building shake and rattle with their raw hard rock tunes. It was an undeniable fact that ZO2's energy was electric and kept everyone going all night long.” The Scribe

“…one cracking record.”
“The fact that these guys can obviously play and write songs gives them a winning formula.” Classic Rock Magazine

Anyway, forget what Classic Rock Magazine think, if Hustler likes it it’s alright by me.
Thanx to Neil Sussman: Riker Hill Records NYC

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