Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snoop Dogg Wants to Rock

Shizzle my Nizzle ! Rap Star Snoop Dogg recently told mtv.com that he had had enough of hip-hop and wanting to turn to rock and roll for inspiration. Apparently he finds his hip-hop colleagues boring (well, no comment required..) and wants to collaborate with Bono or Mick Jagger.

When asked to comment further he said.....

"I'm on some rock s**t man, Snoop Dogg, man!" (?)

I'm sure he'll be getting his phone call from Sir Mick very soon.

His other brainwave is open a chain of grocery stores called "Snoopermarkets". He's already set up the "Snooperbowl', a baseball league for kids, "Chronic Candy" that tastes like marijuana and Snoop Doggs (hotdogs)......

Image: Courtesy Doggystyle/Geffen

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