Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elton John: The Legendary Covers Album Just Released

Well, it's very fair to say that Elton John's early albums were masterpieces compared with his output in the 80's and beyond. Tumbleweed Connection, for example, is an astounding example of country rock, Madman Accross the Water contains the brilliant 'Levon','Tiny Dancer' and 'Indian Sunset' and his first self-titled album shows what a serious and talented musician he really was. This new release is therefore of great interest, focussing on covers he recorded before he hit the big time, for grocery shops, Woolworths, Oxfam, etc, as a sometimes unacknowledged session musician.

There are Beatles covers, Creedence, Cat Stevens, The Hollies and more. Suffice to say, the best response to this album is that it is great fun and a neccessity if you want to complete your collection. If you don't yet have his first four or five albums, stick to those..............

Image: Courtesy Big Eye Music


JavaMusiK said...
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JavaMusiK said...

The Covers cd was actually released roughly 10 - 15 years ago. May be a re-issue. Definitely a fun listen though.

Jeff Van Devender