Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Doors Live in Pittsburgh 1970 New Release

A new Door's CD will be available in March, 2008, called Live in Pittsburgh 1970. This captured the great band on their final tour and compliments the recent Live in Boston release.
There is a fantastic 22 minute version of ' When the Music is Over', a cover of the classic Robert Johnson song 'Crossroad Blues' and a prolonged version of 'Light My Fire' . Their is also space for some dialogue to help you capture the feel of the concernt, more edifying for Jim than his now famously sad attempt to get the audince to take The End seriously on the 1991 In Concert release.

More Doors releases are also due this year, including a box set (vinyl), also in March, covered in fake lizard skin and The Future Starts Here, a remastered greatest hits selection with omitted parts of songs included.

You can buy these album at or in retail outlets in 5 or 6 weeks.

Source: Modern Guitars Magazine

Image: Courtesy Elektra

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