Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Transmissions: New Live Releases From Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan, Uriah Heep

Storming Music is releasing Transmissions, a series of live cd and dvd's, in hardback book style packaging, including 72 paged colour booklets with track by track analysis. These are known as Grey releases, they are not published by the bands original record companys, are not bootlegs and are available freely in record shops and other venues.

There are actually two Dylan releases, Transmissions ,released a month ago and Re-Transmissions due on March 3. Each has rare TV and Concert performances from his very early days and the present.

The Frank Zappa collection is taken from late 1970 appearances on Saturday Night Live and includes I'm the Slime, Dancin Fool, The Purple Lagoon. The Uraih Heep collection is taken from a 2001 London Concert featuring all their best know hits, including Easy Livin, Free 'n' Easy etc.

It's a rare occasion that we get so much new material placed on the market at once. Have a feast !

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