Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rock Revival's Top 20 Songs of All Time (at the moment)

Rolling Stone Magazine does it, New Musical Express do it, Mojo does it so why can't humble rock revival do it as well, I am talking about the art of the rock list, the chief amongst which is the controversial top songs of all time..................Here's ours, feel free to disagree

1. Stay with me: The Faces
2. Funk # 49 The James Gang
3. Hot and Nasty Humble Pie
4. Free Ride Edgar Winter
5. Machine Gun Jimi Hendrix
6 Summertime Blues Blue Cheer
7. Tutti Frutti Little Richard
8. Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin
9. Children of the Sea Black Sabbath
10. Dark Star Grateful Dead
11. Feelin Alright Joe Cocker
12. Bad Penny Rory Gallagher
13. Always Somewhere Scorpions
14. Lazy Sunday The Small Faces
15. Black LIcourice Grand Funk Railroad
16. Bad Motor Scoter MOntrose
17. Caravan (Live) Van Morrison
18. Black Cloud Trapeze
19. Dreams Fleetwood Mac
20. Fire Arthur Brown
What are your favourites ?
Image: Courtesy Sanctuary UK

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