Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rock Revival's Classic Trax (1973): Dobie Gray 'Drift Away'


Some songs are destined to be classics from the moment that pen was put to paper. Many are played so much that we can no longer tolerate them ('Yesterday' or 'Desperado), others, like 'Drift Away (you may know it as 'Give Me the Beat Boys')' have escaped such a fate and can still hit the melodic heights when we hear them.

'Drift Away' was a major hit for African American singer, Dobie gray in 1973, making him somewhat of a one-hit wonder, apart from 'The In Crowd' released 8 years earlier.

This song is also a famous "goodbye" or ending song for concerts.

It's been covered by so many: Bon Jovi, Ray Charles, Humble Pie, Rolling Stones and Aaron Neville and is a traditional goodbye song at the end of many concerts.

Here is the original

The Rolling Stones

The great Roy Orbison

Bon Jovi

....and check this Magnetic North, funky hip-hop version, brilliant

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